Milky Way over St Elmo, Colorado

Milky Way over Mary Murphy Mine Ore House, near St Elmo, Colorado; 10 June 2022

Capture Notes

During the height of the drought in 2021, hearing threats that the Forest Service might close down our access to the Grasslands’ dark skies shooting locations, we purchased two mining claims near St Elmo, Colorado. In June 2022, we traveled to the Colonel Lode claim with Victoria to “stake the claim.” We were only planning to camp for one night, so I just brought the Milky Way photography equipment (and not even the tracker) to capture the Milky Way, especially over the Mary Murphy Mine Ore House.


Imaging stream: Canon EOS 5DSR; Sigma 14mm 1:1.8 DG lens
Sequence Control: Pixel Pro TW-283 N3 Wireless Shutter Remote Control Timer and Shutter Release

Capture & Processing

Exposure Settings:
Milky Way with Ore House: 31 images; SBRA3978-SBRA4010; Total exposure time = 8:47minutes. Captured 11Jun2022, 0351 – 0404MDT
Milky Way from FSR294: 33 images; SBRA3829-3861; Total exposure time=9:21minutes. Captured 11Jun2022, 0231 – 0245MDT

Capture: 10 June 2022
Shooting location: St Elmo, Colorado
Processing: (Mary Murphy Mine image) Processed in Lightroom using Alyn Wallace Astro Presets a single ISO 1600, f/2.8, 17 second exposure with light painting (SBRA3982) and a PS melded image of the Portrait 2 stack (31 images, ISO1600, f/2.8, 17sec) with the same light painting image for the ore house in the foreground

Milky Way core at moonset, looking south from FSR294 near St Elmo, Colorado; 10 June 2022