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If you’ve found your way to the site, I’d be very interested to hear from you!  

What do you think?  What else would you like see here?  What questions do you have?  

…and of course, I’m always happy to chat about astrophotography!

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Interested in Hard Copy Prints?

If you’ve seen anything on the website that you’d like to have printed, contact me using the form below.  I don’t have an “official” e-commerce site set up, but we can work something out. 

I’ve had great luck printing my images on metal, using MPix (, until we ran out of wall space at home! 

I’ve also generated calendars with a collection of the images captured during that year. 

…and of course, my annual Christmas card obsession now includes a collage of my images (this was the collage for Christmas 2022).


NO SOLICITATIONS, PLEASE!  If you’re selling something, I’m not buying – so don’t bother contacting me with your wares.