Star Trails – Comanche National Grasslands – September 2022

Star Trails over Wisdom Tooth Arch; Comanche National Grasslands, Colorado; 24 September 2022

Star Trails over Comanche National Grasslands

Capture & processing notes

During our second night in dark skies at Comanche National Grasslands, while my DSO rig (during that trip was my Canon EOS Ra; and the maiden voyage of the Askar FRA600 telescope on HEM-27 mount (which ended up getting returned to iOptron shortly afterwards) was imaging SH2-157 Lobster Claw & NGC7635 Bubble Nebulae, I set up my Canon EOS 5DSR with 14mm lens on static tripod to capture star trails over the rock formations. As I described in the “What is” section, if you facing north while capturing star trails you get the circular pattern centered on Polaris. That was my goal, so I pointed the camera and wide angle lens north toward the rock formations behind the Beast. With the 14mm lens, I was able to capture the Wisdom Tooth Arch in its field of view. This image is a blending of the ISO3200 and ISO1600 images.
Sequence Plan: Used the Pixel Pro timer to take 2-minute exposures – a set at ISO1600 and another set at ISO3200. Set#1: ISO1600; 32x2min; Captured 24Sep2022, 2336MDT – 25Sep2022, 0040MDT. Set#2: ISO3200; 50x2min; Captured 25Sep2022, 0048 – 0227MDT
Equipment: Canon EOS 5DSR, Sigma 14mm 1.8 DG lens, on static tripod. Controlled with Pixel Pro TW-283 E3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote Control

Capture: 24 September 2022
Shooting location: Comanche National Grasslands, Colorado
Processing: Stacked in Sequator; processed in LR/PS