SHO Hubble Palette Rosette Nebula

Yesterday, as I processed the Rosette Nebula RGB image I wondered what an SHO version might look like…now we all know!

NGC2237 Rosette Nebula Hubble palette SHO
NGC2237 Rosette Nebula; captured from HCH, Colorado Springs with ASI2400-LeX on the Southern Cross, 29 January 2024. Processed in SHO, Hubble Palette

I wonder, I process, I share the result…

In yesterday’s post I shared the RGB image of NGC2237 Rosette Nebula and wondered, aloud in the post and to myself as I was processing the image and struggling to bring out the B (i.e., blue) that I knew was there, what a Hubble Palette or SHO image might look like.

I had a little bit of time last night to address that wonderment….

First, goes a big shout-out and huge thanks to Ann Chavtur for sharing her SHO APP and Photoshop workflow! Second, comes my implementing that workflow (and making a PS Action to make it even easier in the future) and producing the NGC2237 Rosette Nebula in SHO. Third, comes posting it alongside it’s RGB image on the NGC2237 Rosette Nebula gallery page so you can see the result and decide for yourself which you prefer.

The SHO image from the same data, processed using Ann’s workflow, has been added to the gallery at: